Sriram Varadarajan
Enterprise Architect

Sriram is a Technology Evangelist with 15+ years experience in Microsoft Technologies. He is an enterprise architect working for large pharmaceutical organization which has presence globally with largest Microsoft implementation on Office 365, AEM, BOX, DocuSync & SharePoint 2013 and 2016. He holds a masters degree in computer science.

As a TOGAF certified architect, he is a part of the architecture & development capability center which is the core team that decides and approves organization technical design and implementation techniques.

Articles By Sriram Varadarajan
Date Articles Visits
2017-10-22 MS TEAM – Part II 1538
2017-04-23 PowerShell Script To Uninstall App From SharePoint Online 3698
2017-04-23 App Permission and App Management in SharePoint Online Apps 8309
2017-03-31 How to visualize Access 2013 web app data in Excel 1078
2017-03-05 How to create a sub-site under a Modern Groups team site with classic homepage instead of Modern homepage as default 3811
2017-03-02 Open Office Documents In Default Client Applications Instead Of Office Web App 2462
2017-02-04 What happens to the data in One Drive For Business (ODFB) when a user leaves the organization? 1318
2017-01-10 How to block or disable Office 365 Services 5845
2016-12-03 What we don’t know about SharePoint online externalization 2874
2016-12-02 As a SharePoint developer, what you should know about Web-Hooks ? 3275
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2016-11-16 What Is New In Recent Version For App launcher for Office 365 2605
2016-11-16 Demystifying Office 365 Groups - Part 2 2305
2016-11-12 Demystifying Office 365 Groups - Part 1 4417
2016-10-31 Remove Back-to-site Link in the published NINTEX Form in Office 365 3119
2016-10-25 How to bypass cross domain issues to display SharePoint Online pages within Iframe from an external Domain 10341
2016-10-24 Expect The Un-Excepted : Custom Audit Report And Audit Log Retention in Office 365 3432
2016-10-20 SharePoint Online Authentication Options - Part 2 4989
2016-10-16 SharePoint Online Authentication Options - Part 1 5802
2016-10-12 Resource Quota and Throttling in SharePoint Online 7005
2016-10-09 Configure BCS from Office 365 to Azure PaaS SQL 3499
2016-09-29 What happens when you create a office group and what you should know about office 365 groups 3096
2016-09-24 Fix For Users profile pictures not displayed in SharePoint online sites and delve 21564
2016-09-10 PORT configuration required to access IAAS / PAAS SQL remotely using SQL management studio 3474
2016-09-03 How to schedule an AZURE web job 3119
2016-08-28 SharePoint 2016 Single FARM installation In AZURE with SQL server 2014 - PART 2 4058
2016-08-28 SharePoint 2016 Single FARM installation In AZURE with SQL server 2014 - PART 1 4534
2016-08-25 How the GET LINK features works in SharePoint Online 4730
2016-08-02 How To Protect Azure Storage Account From Accidental Deletion 4175
2016-07-30 How to get the list of external users in SharePoint Online if there are more than 1000 external users 6170
2016-07-25 Placing a Office 365 group on legal hold and accessing content from a Preservation Hold Library 4699
2016-07-25 What you should know about eDiscovery in SharePoint Online 5420
2016-07-17 The New SharePoint Home Page Web Experience 4875
2016-07-16 How To Upgrade A SharePoint Hosted App 5408
2016-07-08 New SharePoint Online New Look and Feel experience - Part 2 5012
2016-07-08 New SharePoint Online New Look and Feel experience - Part 1 10111
2016-07-04 Is it practically possible to disable EVERYONE permission group from people picker in SharePoint Online ? 8768
2016-06-19 Associating SharePoint 2013 Workflow to a SharePoint Online List and editing the XAML file 7478
2016-06-04 How to use Geo Location Field in SharePoint Online with Bing Maps 10942
2016-04-17 How to fix issue related to Open With Explorer option in SharePoint Online 10708
2016-04-16 Fix For Office Documents Crash in SharePoint Online 9032
2016-04-16 How To Pre-Provision OneDrive For Business For Users In SharePoint Online 12906
2016-04-16 Fixing Theme Issue In SharePoint Online Site Template 4627
2016-03-05 Saving a site as a template with calendar webpart in Office 365 5272
2016-03-05 Steps to resolve undocumented calendar overlay issues in Office 365 7229
2016-01-24 Undocumented issue in OOB three state worflow of SharePoint Online 11252
2015-12-19 Powershell Tips Series : How to add a user as a site collection admin on each and every My Site in SharePoint 7661
2015-12-19 Powershell Tips Series : Download all attachments from a SharePoint list 11953
2015-12-19 Powershell Series : Creating SharePoint Online Site Collection with Theme and Logo 7856
2015-12-19 Powershell Tips Series : How to add a user as a Site Collection Administrator in SharePoint Online 7141
2015-10-03 Powershell Tips Series Part 2 : Get details of orphans in Content DB and Timer job history by date and time range in SharePoint 2010 8410
2015-10-03 Powershell Tips Series Part 1 : Script to get Sile collection details and sites with unique permission in SharePoint Online 7936
2015-08-17 How to remove an external user from SharePoint Online 6711
2015-06-29 How to enable external sharing in SharePoint Online with Powershell 13433
2015-05-26 Restrictions and limitations when you sync SharePoint libraries to your computer through OneDrive for Business 7634
2015-04-21 How to upload files from Asp.Net MVC application to SharePoint 2013 with Angualr Js 12250
2015-03-16 How to create a weather widget using Angular Js and open weather map 14638
2015-02-18 How to solve cross domain issue ( CORS ) in Asp.Net web application using IIS URL rewrite module 22528