Access SharePoint from React app using sp-rest-proxy for development
In this article we will see how to connect to SharePoint environment from your react application during development. We use pnp-js to access SharePoint resource, but when it comes to development, we can’t deploy the solution to SharePoint every time to check its behavior and its very time consuming also. To avoid this, we use proxy which connects to SharePoint and we use this proxy in our react application (only for development purpose). Well, you can find the package from here sp-rest-proxy it is really well documented and it explains everything about installation and usage.

CRUD on SharePoint List Webhook using Postman
There are many way to keep track on SharePoint list changes like event receiver, ChangeToken, workflows, there’s one more interesting way to keep track on SharePoint list and that is called webhook. By the time I write this article, webhooks are enabled only for SharePoint list items. A notification will be triggered when there’s a change in the SharePoint list.