How to call Azure Function from SharePoint List using Webhook
In my previous articles we’ve seen more on azure function and I hope you are now familiar with it. Now it’s time to make use of Azure Function in your SharePoint. In real time application, it’s important to integrate your SharePoint List and Azure function, one of the better approach is to make use of SharePoint list webhooks. Well, I have already written an article on webhook create, read, update and delete – CRUD on SharePoint List Webhook using Postman, and now we need to create a webhook azure function which will be subscribed to SharePoint List.

CRUD on SharePoint List Webhook using Postman
There are many way to keep track on SharePoint list changes like event receiver, ChangeToken, workflows, there’s one more interesting way to keep track on SharePoint list and that is called webhook. By the time I write this article, webhooks are enabled only for SharePoint list items. A notification will be triggered when there’s a change in the SharePoint list.