How to add SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot to the Excel Services in SharePoint 2013

Ahamed Fazil Buhari
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Published On :   02 Jan 2017
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In my previous articles I’ve explained on topics like “Installation of SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013” and “Steps to Configure Excel Services - SharePoint 2013”. Now it’s time to go ahead and add PowerPivot to our Excel Services.

Please follow the below steps to add PowerPivot to Excel Services.

Step 1: Go to Central Administration and click on Manage service applications.


Step 2: Choose the Excel Services service application which we created already.


Step 3: In Manage Excel Services Application page click on Data Model Settings.


Step 4: In Data Model Settings – We can register instances of SQL Server Analysis services servers. Remember, PowerPivot is a mode of SQL Server Analysis Services. That’s why we are going to add our PowerPivot here and we installed our PowerPivot in SharePoint Server.


Step 5: In Add Server page, provide the server name where PowerPivot was installed and its instance (Instance is POWERPIVOT – In “Installation of SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013” article, Step 12 you can find the Instance name). For example: server name should be “SPServer1\POWERPIVOT”


Step 6: There it is, PowerPivot successfully added into Excel Services.


Next we need to run the PowerPivot for SharePoint Configuration Wizard. I will explain this in my upcoming article.

Thank you for reading.

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