Remove Back-to-site Link in the published NINTEX Form in Office 365

Sriram Varadarajan
Enterprise Architect
Published On :   31 Oct 2016
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Adding a Nintex form to Office 365 list creates a navigation link named “Back to Site” which may not be required in all scenarios. In this blog post , we can see how to remove that auto-generated link from a list form.

Let’s assume we have got a list where we want to add a NINTEX FORM. Here is what we’re expected to do:

· Navigate to list

· Click the Ribbon

· Select Nintex Forms

This will take us to the NINTEX tenant as below


Here we will add our FORM and once done we will publish it.

After successful publishing, when you click the NEW ITEM button of our list


This will take us to the NINTEX form which we have just created above.


Here come our actual requirements; our demand is to hide the BACK TO SITE link in the top navigation bar.

As of now we have got 2 options to achieve this:

Option 1:

1. Navigate to the List and click on the List Tab.

2. Then click on the List Settings. 

3. In the Settings page, under General Settings, click on Advanced Settings.

4. In the Advanced Settings page, scroll down to find the Dialogs Option. Select Yes to open the forms in dialog. Once selected, click OK to save the changes.

5. Navigate back to the list and test the functionality with New, Display and Edit Item.


The redirect Url property of the Nintex form works when the form is not opened as Pop Up. If the above List is being called from Another Form as a redirect URL it mightn’t work as of now (this is a known issue and NINTEX is working on it)

Option 2:

1. Navigate to the List and click on the List Tab

2. Then click on the “Nintex Form’.

3. In the Nintex form, click ‘Form Settings’ from top ribbon.

4. Then click ‘Custom CSS’ and add the below line inside the editor window.

5. nf-ribbon-fixed-top {visibility: collapse;}       //To hide the save and cancel ribbon bar

6. nf-ribbon-fixed-chromeTop {visibility: collapse;}  //To hide the ‘Back to Site’ title bar

7. Then click save button.

8. Once saved click publish link from top ribbon.


This may not work if Nintex changes their CSS Class names in the future. Till then we can use this solution Smile