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Sathish Nadarajan
SharePoint MVP
Published On :   21 Aug 2018
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In this article, let us discuss about an exception “No Provider Schema” when trying to connect two webparts. In my case, I have a Custom NewForm on which I have a default list webpart. Along with that, I am adding another webpart which is connected with the default webpart.


On the above screen, the SOW Tracking webpart should provide Filter data to SOW Communications WebPart. To achieve that, usually we will establish a connection as shown in the image.


The connection will be established in the Default NewForm.aspx without any issue. But, when I try to do that from a custom new form, then the exception will be shown as below.


To overcome this, on the custom new form, we need to add the below tags.

 <WebPartPages:SPProxyWebPartManager runat="server" ID="__ProxyWebPartManagerForConnections__">

The position of the snippet in the customnewform.aspx would be


We need to edit this form in SharePointDesigner and update the aspx file.

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