Nintex Workflow – How to handle the JSON Response from REST API

Let us see, How to handle the JSON Response from REST API in the Nintex Workflow. Unfortunately, there is no JSON Parser in the Nintex yet, atleast during the time of writing this article.


Making Rest API Calls made much simpler using RestSharp in C#

A simplest way to make Rest API Calls using RestSharp in C#. RestSharp is a Free NuGet Package which can be used to make any type of Rest Calls quickly.


User Profile properties with REST API–SharePoint Office 365

In this post lets have a look at how to get SharePoint user profile properties using the REST API.


Step by Step Procedure to Call SharePoint Office 365 REST API from Microsoft Flow

How to Consume a SharePoint REST API from Microsoft Flow – UseCase – Get the Users from a Group using REST API in Microsoft Flow


Swagger – To Explore The Schema Specification Of The REST API Service

Swagger is a simple and powerful option for defining the interface of a REST web service. Swashbuckle combined with the API Explorer and Swagger UI provides a rich discovery documentation and playground for the API consumers.