How To Protect Azure Storage Account From Accidental Deletion

Sriram Varadarajan
Enterprise Architect
Published On :   02 Aug 2016
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Deleting a Azure Storage account is a irreversible action. But still there is an option to avoid accidental deletion of storage accounts by settings locks to your account. Here we can see how to set a lock and protect the Azure Storage Account.

When you try to delete a storage account, you will get a small dialog like this (marked in yellow)


I know people tend to miss this as I did Smile 

Unfortunately, once deleted, it is not possible to recover a deleted storage account and/or its contents. Deleting a storage account is irreversible.

In order to help preventing this, you can add one more step to the deletion process by adding a lock. For example, go to your storage account properties, select lock:


You can create a lock by clicking Add and entering the parameters.

I am selecting “Delete” to Lock type here:


After created, your lock should look like this:


By creating the lock, even if you go through the confirmation process (where you have to type the name of the storage account and agree), the storage account won’t be deleted and the portal will return a message like this one: “… Please remove the lock and try again”


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