Import Termset and Terms into Termstore Management in Sharepoint 2013

Arunraj Venugopal
SharePoint Architect
Published On :   11 Apr 2014
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Let us discuss about how the termset and terms can be imported to Termstore Management under a group Name in Sharepoint 2013.

By importing Termset and Terms into Termstore Management using excel will reduce the time consumption for manual process and power shell script.

Procedure for importing termset and Terms into Termstore Management

Step1: Open Central Administration


Step2: Click Manage Service applications


Step3: Click ManagedMetadataServices


Step4: Create Group Name “Test” by clicking on the dropdown icon on the ManagedMetadataServices



Step5: Prepare Csv file with termset and Terms.

Note: In the excel file, Testing is a termset in which two different terms are existing; they are Home and Home2. The excel file contains term level from 1 to 7, but this example contains term level till 4th level.

In the column D, the value true for each terms since tagging is available for all ther terms. It could be false if you there is no tagging which doesn’t create any impact.


Step6: Save the file.clip_image014

Step7: Click dropdown icon on Test group name to import the termset and its terms.



Step8: The below screenshot shows the result of the termset imported from the csv file.


I hope it is useful for everyone.

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