Restore list template using SharePoint user interface which contains lookup column

Hari Rama Krishnan
Technology Specialist
Published On :   12 May 2018
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A Small SharePoint tips & tricks

In SharePoint we cannot restore list template directly if list contains lookup column, because in the list template (.stp file) , the reference lookup column will have guid as reference, the same guid will not present in the target where we are going the restore the list template, to fix this issue please follow the below steps

1) Rename the .stp file to .cab file, the .cab file will generate the manifest xml file,

2) Edit the file and change the List name instead of GUID.

3) Then convert to manifest.xml file to STP file by run the below script

Makecab.exe "D:\hari\manifest.xml" "D:\hari\test.stp"

4) Upload it to list template galleries.