Tip - Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is not Responding in VM

Sathish Nadarajan
SharePoint MVP
Published On :   19 Jul 2018
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I have created a VM recently in Azure with windows server 2012 R2. Everything was working fine. The VM which I have created is the least one, which has only a single core processor with 4 GB ram. I have installed Visual Studio 2017 and was able to work without any issue. But, when I installed Visual Studio Code (VSCode), it got installed and it opened and worked fine. But after the update of the VSCode, I am not sure, which version got updated, the VSCode will not open properly. And the problem is, the entire VM got hanged.

It was like, no clue. And after few investigations and googling found that, the VSCode will work properly with atleast a dual core system. A single core will not be sufficient for the VS Code, though we claim it as a light weight IDE.

Hence, I upgraded my VM with a dual core and increased the RAM as well to 8 GB and now it is working fine. Hence, as far as my opinion, even for the VSCode, we require a multi core processor and a 8 GB RAM.

I know, now a days, none will be using with 4 GB ram. But in case, if we are using, we need to be very cautious not to install VS Code on that machine. Just a small piece of information thought of sharing to the community.

Happy Coding,

Sathish Nadarajan.