What Is New In Recent Version For App launcher for Office 365

Sriram Varadarajan
Enterprise Architect
Published On :   16 Nov 2016
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A new version of APP launcher is pushed to Office 365 by Microsoft. This is different than the traditional one and lets see what is new in the current version App Launcher

The app launcher connects to apps, quick task tiles, and a user's My apps page

The user’s app launcher not only shows the basic apps within, but it also shows a lot more. Like Custom Title, App registered in AZURE. Selecting My apps from the lower right corner of the launcher brings up the My apps page – home to all of a user’s apps.

The launcher is both customizable and extensible. Users can pin any app from their My apps page to the launcher, and they can pin up to three of the default apps to the top navigation bar for quick access

It also comes with search option to search the APPS


What’s shown in APP launcher

This article explains some of the title which we might possible see. But, we might also see other title as well let’s see what are those

1. Custom Tile à please refer to this article on custom Tile

a. It’s been really great, now people can automatically see the CUSTOM tile which isn’t that easy in the current version.

2. App integrated with AZURE Active Directory

Every Office 365 tenant will have an associated Azure AD, which is the source for all our app registration, configuration, and permissions for the tenant. An organization can have multiple APP registered in AZURE AD and if the administrator then configures the app and assigns it to individual users, and the app will also show up on in the Launcher.

It will be confusing, assume you’re organization has got a different plan to roll out this APP but just because it’s added in AZURE AD and every user is part of it, it will start showing up in the APP launcher, which might confuse the user.

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