What happens to the data in One Drive For Business (ODFB) when a user leaves the organization?

Sriram Varadarajan
Enterprise Architect
Published On :   04 Feb 2017
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You might be aware of ODFB (One Drive For Business) clean-up process, here I would like to touch-base on certain compliance demand which some of the countries do have around notifying user’s managers around possessing user’s ODFB site when they leave.

When a user is deleted from Office 365, the SPO my-site clean-up job is triggered in back-end and sends an email to the Manager or Secondary site collection Admin of deleted user's my site. This email is to inform them that they've been delegated ownership of the deleted user's my site to back-up it's content as that my site would be deleted in 30 days (or as defined at tenant level).

In some countries, they would like to suppress this message when the users leave. Right now, we just have 2 options to achieve this;

1. When a manager or secondary owner isn't set for the user profile, this mightn’t be a valid solution, we do have another solution though it’s again not a full blown solution probably an alternative.

2. We have setting in tenant called “ACCESS DELEGATION” , This setting is located in Setup My Sites under the User Profiles section. By default, Access Delegation is enabled.

a. If we disable this setting, no email messages will be sent to manager though it’s been populated for the users.

ODFB site which are on Legal hold:

Assume user by name "ABC" with O365 account "ABC@Contoso.com" has left the Organization and the O365 account was deleted, but MySite of the user was put on eDiscovery In-Place Hold.
As the 30 day window expired, user's account was removed from Recycle bin and SPO User profile is deleted. The question, can we still access the site and if so how?

As per MS:

· If the site is put on hold as part of an eDiscovery case, the site won't be deleted by using this process until the hold is removed.

We can get the access to the deleted user site (Which are on hold) by executing the below script:

Set-SPOSite powershell cmdlet to update the Site collection Administrator, Set-SPOSite -Identity "https://Contoso-my.sharepoint.com/personal/Abc_Contoso" -Owner "<update UPN>".

For more details, please refer