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Usually in the discussion list, we will start a topic and a lot of replies will be given by the users and sometimes, there could be a chance that a reply to reply also. In this article, let us see how to create 1. Reply to a Topic 2. Reply to a Reply. more


In this article, let us see how to change the favicon in SharePoint Modern Site using SPFx Application Customizer more


In this article we will see how to refer nuget package in Azure Function version 1.x. Please make sure that your Azure function is version 1, because nuget package is referenced in different way in version 2 more


How to Use Microsoft Graph Data Connect to Extract Data Using Azure Data Factory from Office 365 and Push to Azure Blob Storage – Part 2 more


In this article, let us see how to create the topics in a discussion list programmatically using C# Patterns and Practice. more


In this article we will look into, how to change version of Function App using Azure CLI more


In this article, let us see how to change or add the user to access request list more


Almost all the customers are using the Microsoft Flow intensively nowadays for basic functionalities. But there are certain limitations with the Flow till now. Please refer to the link for the limitations before planning for the Flow. Recently, I was facing a workflow which has more than 300 actions in that. I was about to convert the steps to the equivalent Flow actions. more


In this article we will see how to access your Azure portal especially Azure functions app settings from your machine using Azure CLI command prompt. This is one of the easy ways to access and check for the settings in your azure functions and if we need to update or delete, then we can do it from here. more


In the earlier article, we saw what is a graph data connect and how to configure our tenant. In this article, let us walk through the simple steps to extract the data from Office 365 and push to blob storage. more