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Welcome to Sharepoint Pals.SharePoint Pals is a community portal by SharePoint Developers for SharePoint developers, Administrators and End Users. Let's join hands and share the point together...
As promised in 2013 recap of SharePoint Pals about new series of articles, this new series on Out of the Box WebParts (OTB Web Parts) tries to cover all the WebParts that are available by default in SharePoint 2013
We all know that a SharePoint online site can be externalized, we will go one step further and shall talk on to whom we can externalized the site more
This article on Web hooks for SharePoint developers is a compilation of basic what and why questions related to web hooks more
Microsoft Teams is a tool that is more focused for teams (as the name suggests) within organization. MS Teams provides features like chat facility, Sharing Files, Scheduling and Tracking meetings more
In continuouation to the last article, now, we are going to see how to implement the MaxDegreeOfParallelism. more
In this article, let us see how to Configure Windows Firewall for SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) more
Implementing Multi-Threading in SharePoint To Upload Files using CSOM C# – An Insight more
Get the Client Context by using the Client ID and Client Secret ID from a Console Application - A detailed note. more
In this article, let us see How to Deploy Multidimensional Data Cube using Visual Studio Business Intelligence Settings more
Community Site Templates - Enabling the Auto Approval for Permission through Client Side Object Model C# Code - An Overview more
Consider that we have a Database and we need to attach that in our SharePoint Database engine and in addition to that we need to grant access to that database to the Service Account which has been use more
In this article, we’ll look into the step by step approach to install SQL Server Analysis. To take full advantage of the Business Intelligence options of SharePoint 2013, we need to have SQL Server An more
Configuring Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 is an easy task. Excel service was introduced in MOSS and this will help to share, load and display Excel Workbook on SharePoint environment. In the below more
A new version of APP launcher is pushed to Office 365 by Microsoft. This is different than the traditional one and lets see what is new in the current version App Launcher more
This article is a continuation of Demystifying Office 365 Groups - Part 1. This post covers the details related to Syncing Office 365 groups to On Premises Server and integration of Planner more
Office 365 Group is a service that enables teams to come together and get the work done by establishing a single team identity across Office 365 apps including Outlook, OneDrive for Business, OneNote, more
Lets see how to use Typescript and System Js with PNP JS Core in SharePoint Hosted App / Add-in in this blog post. To begin with, lets add reference to typed definitions more
Adding a Nintex form to Office 365 list creates a navigation link named “Back to Site” which may not be required in all scenarios. In this blog post, let's see how to more
In this blog post lets see how to bind SharePoint List items to a MVC web grid in a Provider Hosted App.To create a provided hosted app, we need a client id and secret more
By default, SharePoint Online doesn't allow to access it’s pages via iframe from an external application, in this article, we can see how to override that restriction more
The typescript async and await is a ES6 functionality. It used to allow the developers to write the asynchronous code to flows as a synchronous method, without write a handler or a callback function more
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SharePoint Pals, a community portal for SharePoint developers, Administrators and End Users. Let's join hands and share the point together.
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