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In this article we will see how to refer nuget package in your azure function v2.x. Please make sure that your Azure function is version 2, because nuget package is referred differently in version 1 please refer my other article for v1.x - How to refer nuget package in Azure Function v1.x. To check your current azure function version, please follow the below step. more


In this article, let us see How to use react-router-dom v4 in react-redux-router more


In this article we will look into the script which gives your prompt inside the gulp file. This is useful when you want to give some proxy with userID and password or some important information that needs to be given during deployment, we can save our userID and password in your gulp file for security reasons more


In this article, let us see how to create bulk sites by accessing csv in modern site and associate default group to that site. more


In this article we will see how to connect to SharePoint environment from your react application during development. We use pnp-js to access SharePoint resource, but when it comes to development, we can’t deploy the solution to SharePoint every time to check its behavior and its very time consuming also. To avoid this, we use proxy which connects to SharePoint and we use this proxy in our react application (only for development purpose). Well, you can find the package from here sp-rest-proxy it is really well documented and it explains everything about installation and usage. more


Azure Search Service - Execute Query Statement with Parameters using C# in a console application. more


Making Rest API Calls made much simpler using RestSharp in C# more


Hello everyone, In this article we will see how to refer dll or assemblies in your azure function. more


Let us see How to Retrieve the files from Azure Blob Storage Container Programmatically using C#. The article is very simple and having a small code snippet. more


There are many way to keep track on SharePoint list changes like event receiver, ChangeToken, workflows, there’s one more interesting way to keep track on SharePoint list and that is called webhook. By the time I write this article, webhooks are enabled only for SharePoint list items. A notification will be triggered when there’s a change in the SharePoint list. more