Krishna KV
Team Leader, Aspire Systems

Krishna K.V has been working in IT Industry for over 7+ years. He holds a Master Degree in Information Technology. He is more interested to learn and share new technologies, tools, tip& tricks.

He has been involved more into development projects like Asp.Net/MVC, Web API, SharePoint 2013, Office 365, Angular, Node JS, SQL Server

Specialties :

  • -SharePoint configuration
  • -SharePoint development
  • -Web Development
Certifications :
  • -70-332 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • -70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Articles By Krishna KV
Date Articles Visits
2017-06-24 How to update a SharePoint list item using Express JS 1225
2017-06-24 How to use Caml Query in SharePoint Rest API using Express JS and Typescript 2174
2017-04-01 How to add a SharePoint List Item using Express JS by passing Request Digest 1941
2017-03-05 How to retrieve the SharePoint List Item using Express JS 3383
2017-03-05 How to create a custom middleware in Core 1.0 2744
2017-03-02 How to count the number of alerts using latest release of CSOM 2849
2017-02-04 What is Core Middle Ware 4207
2017-02-04 How to create a custom menu action and display the selected item with MVC 4 Web Grid in SharePoint Add-In 4007
2017-01-10 Quick Introduction To Asp.Net Core And It’s Features 5790
2017-01-02 How to filter, select and expand SharePoint API using PNP JS Core and Angular Js in a SharePoint AddIn Custom Action 10111
2017-01-01 Swagger - To Explore The Schema Specification Of The REST API Service 7123
2016-10-31 How to use PNP JS Core with typescript and System JS in a SharePoint hosted App / Add-in 8767
2016-10-26 Displaying SharePoint list items in MVC web grid of a Provider Hosted App 8532
2016-10-24 How to use Angular Promise using Typescript await and async (ES6) 8768
2016-09-18 How to use Client Side Rendering (JSLink) in a SharePoint Hosted APP 9100
2016-08-21 SharePoint OAuth using Client ID and Secret 19788
2016-08-21 Using SharePoint authentication token in Azure Web jobs 8453
2016-08-15 Scheduling SharePoint Online Tasks With Azure Web Jobs 9062
2016-08-15 Video Gallery using SharePoint Asset Library and MVC APP 9850
2016-07-25 SharePoint online CRUD Operation using pnp-JS-Core 13340
2016-07-25 Content Organizer in SharePoint to route documents based on the content type 9072
2016-07-09 Steps to configure row level security in SQL Server 2016 8265
2016-07-08 System Versioned Temporal Table for storing historical data in SQL Server 2016 8042
2016-07-08 Simplified drop statement in SQL Server 2016 7503
2016-06-25 SQL Server 2016 and JSON Data 8448
2016-06-04 What is new in C# 6 8915
2016-04-16 Floating panel for angular js 14308
2016-03-05 Automate Angular Js / Javascript code analysis with EsLint and Gulp Js in Visual Studio 13854
2016-02-21 Creating a SharePoint App with TypeScript and Angular Js - Step by Step 20243