Cross Site Publishing – Site Structures – Part 2

Sathish Nadarajan
SharePoint MVP
Published On :   23 Feb 2015
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In this section, let us see, how to implement the Cross Site Publishing in a Plain Vennila Farm step by step. Assuming that in my farm, I don’t have any other web application apart from the Central Admin and the Search Service Application is configured.

Site Structure

To implement CSP, I am taking the structure as below table. This can vary based on different business requirement. I am using the below straight forward structure for the easy understanding of the readers.







http://c4968397007:1000/sites/Publishing - Publishing Site Template

Public facing site where all the users will be having read permission



http://c4968397007:2000/sites/Authoring - Product Catalog Site Template

Authoring Site, where the authors will be writing their content.

Content Type Hub


http://c4968397007:3000/sites/CTHUB - Product Catalog Site Template

Content Type Hub Site, from which the Content Types will be reused by all other Site Collections.

As I said earlier, I took a plain vennila environment. Hence, there will not be any web Applications, site collections etc.,

Create Web Applications/Site Collections.

From the Central Administration Site, Create New Web Application screen, I am creating three web applications and the corresponding site collections.

a. http://c4968397007:1000/ - http://c4968397007:1000/sites/Publishing - Publishing

b. http://c4968397007:2000/ - http://c4968397007:2000/sites/Authoring - Product Catalog

c. http://c4968397007:3000/ - http://c4968397007:3000/sites/CTHUB - Product Catalog





Let us see about the Managed Metadata Service Applications in Part3

Happy Coding.

Sathish Nadarajan.