Step by Step Procedure to Package and deploy your SPFx solution

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Published On :   06 Aug 2018
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In this article, let us see how to package and deploy the SPFx solution by step by step procedures.

  • Navigate to Config folder on your SPFx web part Solution
  • Click on write-manifests.json
  • Update “cdnBasePath” in write-manifests.json
  • Open Node.js in command prompt
  • Navigate to your web part folder path in the command prompt
    • Eg: C:\Users\Test
  • Use the below command to bundle your webpart files
    • gulp bundle --ship // generate assets (js, css, etc) for deployment to CDN
  • Use the below command to package the solutions
    • gulp package-solution –ship // package ready for shipment --ship is just temporary during dev preview
  • Now navigate to the local folder path


· Upload files in /temp/deploy to CDN location (If CDN location not specified in the web part manifest file, it will refer from app catalog site assets library by default)


  • Go to app catalog à Click on App for SharePoint


  • Upload app package at /SharePoint/solution to app catalog (Refer Screenshot)


· Now go to any of your SharePoint site and add the app from site content.

  • To test the App, create a blank page and add the app to the page.