Nintex Workflow – Workflow Not Starting/Triggering when the Item Created by Another Workflow

Let us discuss about a rare scenario with the Nintex Workflows.  I was creating a Workflow WF1 which is attached with a List L1.  Whenever a New Item is added in L1, the WF1 will get triggered.  This works fine.  But in WF1


Nintex Workflow – How to handle the JSON Response from REST API

Let us see, How to handle the JSON Response from REST API in the Nintex Workflow. Unfortunately, there is no JSON Parser in the Nintex yet, atleast during the time of writing this article.


Technical Aspects of Nintex Workflow Designer for SharePoint

The Nintex Workflow Designer allows all SharePoint users across the organization to easily and quickly design workflows using simple user interfaces with


An Overview of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (Beginner)

Nintex is one of the best and coolest way to implement Workflow in your SharePoint environment. Well it is a Workflow Automation Platform released by Nintex


Remove Back-to-site Link in the published NINTEX Form in Office 365

Adding a Nintex form to Office 365 list creates a navigation link named “Back to Site” which may not be required in all scenarios. In this blog post let’s see how to


Using Nintex Workflow with SharePoint Rest Api

“Nintex workflows have powerful utilities that help to perform some of the tedious operations like batch updating content or configuration. One such action is the “Web Request””