Restrictions and limitations when you sync SharePoint libraries to your computer through OneDrive for Business

Sriram Varadarajan
Sriram Varadarajan
May 26, 2015
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Number of items that can be synced

  • You can sync up to 20,000 items in your OneDrive for Business library. This includes folders and files. You can also sync up to 20,000 items for each additional OneDrive personal site that you may have access to.
  • You can sync up to 5,000 items in a SharePoint library. This includes folders and files. These are the libraries that you find on various SharePoint sites, such as team sites and community sites, libraries that other people created, or that you created from your Sites page. You can sync multiple SharePoint libraries.

Size limit for syncing files

In any SharePoint library, you can sync files of up to 2 gigabytes (GB).

Character limit for files and folders

These limits apply to files and folders that you add to a synced library folder for uploading to SharePoint.

  • In SharePoint Server 2013, file names can have up to 128 characters.
  • In SharePoint Online, file names can have up to 256 characters.
  • Folder names can have up to 250 characters.
  • Folder name and file name combinations can have up to 250 characters.

Invalid characters

SharePoint Online

The following characters in file or folder names aren’t supported when you sync OneDrive for Business with SharePoint Online:


Additionally, a file or folder name that begins with a tilde (~) isn’t supported.


1. Created 3 unsupported ODfB file names in a local machine and manually copied into ODfB sync folder

2. ODfB Sync tool starts syncing these files into OneDrive

3. 3 unsupported files detected in the Sync operation


4. Microsoft recently release Fix It tool to fix the ODfB sync issues. Kindly download the tool from

5. Execute the tool and select Sync issues option. Click Next


6. Click Yes


7. Click Yes again


8. The tool will displays the following screen once Troubleshooting has completed successfully


9. Now ODfB Sync tool starts syncing the repaired files



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Sriram Varadarajan
Sriram Varadarajan
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