Nintex Workflow – Workflow Not Starting/Triggering when the Item Created by Another Workflow

Let us discuss about a rare scenario with the Nintex Workflows.  I was creating a Workflow WF1 which is attached with a List L1.  Whenever a New Item is added in L1, the WF1 will get triggered.  This works fine.  But in WF1


Update My Site User Profile Picture of another User using Visual Studio Sequential Workflow in SharePoint 2010

This article is about updating ‘My Site’ User Profile Picture of other users by any logged in user by using Visual Studio Workflow in SharePoint 2010


Associating SharePoint 2013 Workflow to a SharePoint Online List and editing the XAML file

Though our major goal is to associate the Work Flow to a SharePoint Online List but the sub set of this would be to edit the XAML file


Undocumented issue in OOB three state worflow of SharePoint Online

One the known issue (not disclosed by MS) is default OOB three state workflow won’t work in SharePoint Online for some the tenants. We had this issue in one of the sub site which is under the root site collection of our SharePoint online tenant


Using Nintex Workflow with SharePoint Rest Api

“Nintex workflows have powerful utilities that help to perform some of the tedious operations like batch updating content or configuration. One such action is the “Web Request””


How To Identify Complexity of SharePoint 2013 or 2010 Workflow to fix errors while compilation

Try this Poweshell script to identify the complexity of a SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010 declarative workflow to fix the compilation error due to complexity of WorkFlow


SharePoint 2013 Document Approval Work Flow With Visio 2013

In this article I am going to explain how to do develop an approval visual workflow using SharePoint Designer 2013 with Visio 2013