Ahamed Fazil Buhari
Senior Developer

Ahamed is a Senior Developer and he has very good experience in the field of Microsoft Technologies, especially SharePoint 2013, 2016 and O365, Azure, ASP.NET, SQL Server, IIS and client side scripting - JavaScript, React, Angular. He involved and contributed his knowledge in Design, Development, Configuration, Migration and Maintenance of application and delivered Projects successfully. He is a graduate of Anna University and specialized in the field of Information Technology.

He's very much interested to learn and share the tips & tricks of SharePoint 2010-2016, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, C# .NET, SPFx, PowerShell, PnP, JavaScript, JQuery, React, Redux, gulp, Angular and other emerging client side scripting’s. Ahamed can be reached at ahamed.buhari@outlook.com

Certifications :
  • 70-573, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development
  • 70-480, Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Articles By Ahamed Fazil Buhari
Date Articles Visits
2018-12-01 How to use react-router-dom v4 in react-redux-router 151
2018-11-28 How to deploy solution using gulp and How to use prompt in gulp – SharePoint Online 131
2018-11-26 Access SharePoint from React app using sp-rest-proxy for development 120
2018-11-19 How to refer custom dll or assemblies in Azure Function 154
2018-11-16 CRUD on SharePoint List Webhook using Postman 183
2018-11-13 How to refer nuget package in Azure Function v1.x 148
2018-11-08 How to change Azure Function App version using Azure CLI 177
2018-11-01 How to access Azure Function App settings from Azure CLI 199
2018-10-31 Publish Azure Function using Visual Studio 2017 – Part 2 177
2018-10-30 Create and Debug Azure Function using Visual Studio 2017 – Part 1 226
2018-09-27 Provision SharePoint Site using Custom Template with PnP JS 483
2018-09-14 How to use Office UI fabric in react-redux application for better UI 294
2018-09-03 How to add dynamic rows in table using React-Redux 556
2018-08-28 How to use Redux in React (Typescript) – Adding Important packages 564
2018-08-27 How to generate App ID & Secret key to access SharePoint online through console application using Access Token – Part 2 454
2018-08-23 How to generate App ID & Secret key to access SharePoint online through console application using Access Token – Part 1 815
2018-08-21 React Redux Typescript Folder and File Structure for Developers 716
2018-07-01 How to use PnP PowerShell in Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine 805
2018-07-01 How to connect to SharePoint Online using PnP PowerShell and SharePoint Online Management Shell 1481
2018-06-04 Migration of Certificate from Window Server 2008 to 2012 - Part 2 475
2018-06-04 Migration of Certificate from Window Server 2008 to 2012 - Part 1 424
2018-05-30 Redirect URL to different page in SharePoint before rendering using jQuery 974
2018-05-30 Redirect to custom page from SharePoint OOTB Form button click using jQuery 923
2018-05-12 Webpack and Typescript configuration in React – Part 3 550
2018-05-11 Webpack and Typescript configuration in React – Part 2 521
2018-04-01 Introduction to Webpack and Typescript configuration in React - Part 1 1151
2018-03-25 Advantage and few Guidelines to use Typescript - React 934
2018-03-25 How to setup O365 Enterprise Developer environment by using Visual Studio Subscription 1005
2018-03-13 Introduction to Redux – Technical Definitions for Beginners 591
2018-03-12 Introduction to Redux – For Beginners 663
2018-02-28 Custom Alert Message on SharePoint Page using Content Editor Web Part and JQuery 1190
2018-02-28 Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies - Issue in SharePoint Farm solution 887
2018-01-21 How to get Data from Excel to DataTable using ClosedXML in C# and avoid duplicate rows 6513
2018-01-21 How to redirect different page on Save button click on SharePoint Forms using client side script 2748
2018-01-20 Install SSL certificate to the Server and Binding of SSL certificate to IIS Website 1041
2018-01-20 How to generate CSR in Windows Server for SSL Certificate 1351
2018-01-20 Filter SQL Data using Fluent NHibernate 923
2018-01-09 Step by Step procedure to Deploy Web API in IIS 1497
2018-01-09 How to enable withCredentials to flag on XMLHttpRequest in AngularJS for “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” 1414
2017-12-05 Upload Multiple Attachments to SharePoint List using Angular 1462
2017-12-04 Remove Attachments on SharePoint List Item using Angular 1349
2017-12-01 How to use SharePoint ‘Working on it’ modal dialog 1224
2017-11-30 Save, Update and Get data from SQL using Fluent NHibernate 1716
2017-11-29 Handling Parent Child SQL Table relation using Fluent NHibernate 1324
2017-11-27 Configuration of Fluent NHibernate through C# code 1341
2017-10-11 Get all attachments from SharePoint List Item using AngularJS 2369
2017-10-10 How to handle multiple file selection and validation on input file type using AngularJS 4412
2017-10-09 Angular Form Validation using ng-form 1427
2017-10-06 Create, Save or Update Database Table using NHibernate - C# programmatically 4017
2017-09-15 Configuration of NHibernate through app.config file 1724
2017-09-11 How to do SQL Bulk Update using C# programmatically 3439
2017-09-11 How to check Database Table already exists in SQL DB and How to create new Database Table using C# programmatically 2236
2017-08-14 How to Manually Install/uninstall Windows Services 1579
2017-08-09 How to debug Windows Service Source Code without Installing 1944
2017-08-05 How to debug Windows Service after Installation of Service 1874
2017-06-24 Architecture and Components of SharePoint 2013 Search 1559
2017-06-24 Keyword Query Language (KQL) in SharePoint 2013 Search 3542
2017-06-24 Update My Site User Profile Picture of another User using Visual Studio Sequential Workflow in SharePoint 2010 1036
2017-04-23 Update 'My Site' User Profile Picture of any User using SSOM in SharePoint 2378
2017-04-23 Beginners Guide : Crawled and Managed Properties in SharePoint 2013 Search 2515
2017-04-23 Beginners Guide : Introduction to SharePoint Search 1251
2017-03-05 Technical Aspects of Nintex Workflow Designer for SharePoint 1289
2017-03-05 An Overview of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (Beginner) 2087
2017-03-02 An Introduction To Basics Of TypeScript 1593
2017-02-04 Grant Access to ‘SharePoint Group’ on Item Level Permission using Client Side Scripting (JSOM) in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 2872
2017-02-04 How to perform CRUD Operation on SharePoint Library Folders and Sub Folders using SPServices and JavaScript 3213
2017-02-04 How to Break Inherit Permission and Grant Access to Specific User’s on SharePoint List/Library Items or Folders (Multiple) using SPServices and JavaScript 3032
2017-02-04 How to Get all the SharePoint Choice Columns to Update Choice Options using JavaScript (Client Side Object Model) without going to List Settings 4248
2017-01-14 How to Open SharePoint List Hyperlink Column in Modal Popup Window 9833
2017-01-10 How to Configure PerformancePoint Services to use Secure Store in SharePoint 2013 2728
2017-01-10 Configuration of Performance Point Services in SharePoint 2013 3276
2017-01-02 PowerPivot Service Application Error Handling in SharePoint 2013 2017
2017-01-02 Configuration Steps of PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 2087
2017-01-02 How to add SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot to the Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 1924
2017-01-02 Installation of SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 2285
2016-12-27 Steps to Configure Excel Services With Secure Store Target Application and SQL Database Service Account In SharePoint 2013 2434
2016-12-23 How to Create a New Target Application in Secure Store Service - SharePoint 2013 3466
2016-11-21 Configure Windows Firewall for SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) 3184
2016-11-20 How to Deploy Multidimensional Data Cube using Visual Studio Business Intelligence Settings 3097
2016-11-18 How to Attach Database and Grant Access to SSAS Service Account in SQL Server 2012 3367
2016-11-18 Installation of SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) – SQL Server 2012 4160
2016-11-18 How to Create and Grant DB access to Excel Service app and overpower Office Web Apps (OWA) in SharePoint 2013 2656
2016-10-12 How to Create Business Intelligence Center (BI Center) Site in SharePoint 2013 4785
2016-10-11 How to Configure Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2013 and Generate Secure Store Key 4729
2016-10-11 How to Create Custom Service in AngularJS for CRUD Operations on SharePoint List 8351
2016-10-10 How to Use Angular HTTP Services in SharePoint List 8534
2016-10-10 How to Get All Items from SharePoint List and Display it in Custom HTML table with Sorting using AngularJS 12155
2016-09-05 How to Change the Select Element Dropdown Arrow Direction using simple CSS 8293
2016-09-05 Basics of AngularJS in SharePoint 14391
2016-08-28 How to Insert Google Charts Image into PDF using iTextSharp in SharePoint 6794
2016-08-28 How to Dynamically Include ASP.NET Controls into Modal Popup in your SharePoint Server Side Code 4099
2016-08-20 Google Charts in SharePoint 8500
2016-08-20 Generate PDF report using iTextSharp (.NET PDF library) in SharePoint Environment 7018
2016-08-13 Deep Dive into SharePoint 2013 and JavaScript – Part 3 5521
2016-08-13 Deep Dive into SharePoint 2013 and JavaScript – Part 2 5692
2016-08-12 Deep Dive into SharePoint 2013 and JavaScript – Part 1 7943
2016-07-05 Retrieving Various Field Types in SharePoint Custom Form using jQuery and SPServices 13966
2016-06-27 How to Get the Current Date in SharePoint Calculated Column 34337
2016-06-20 How to Attach Multiple Files into SharePoint List Item Using SPServices and Also Validating on File Size and Format 15358
2016-06-20 SharePoint User Account and AD (Active Directory) Group Migration using PowerShell script in SharePoint 2010 9692
2016-06-07 CRUD Operation on various field Types in SharePoint List using SPServices – SharePoint 2013 7791