Ahamed Fazil Buhari
SharePoint Developer

Ahamed is a SharePoint Developer and he has very good experience in the field of Microsoft Technologies, specifically SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and O365, ASP.NET, SQL Server, IIS and related subjects. He involved and contributed his knowledge in Development, Configuration, Migration and Maintenance of SharePoint and delivered Projects in SharePoint successful. He is a graduate of Anna University and specialized in the field of Information Technology.

He's very much interested to learn and share the tips & tricks of SharePoint 2010 -2016, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, C# .NET, SharePoint Apps, PowerShell, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS and other emerging client side scripting’s. Ahamed can be reached at ahamed.buhari@outlook.com

Certifications :
  • 70-573, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development
  • 70-480, Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Articles By Ahamed Fazil Buhari
Date Articles Visits
2018-01-21 How to get Data from Excel to DataTable using ClosedXML in C# and avoid duplicate rows 123
2018-01-21 How to redirect different page on Save button click on SharePoint Forms using client side script 88
2018-01-20 Install SSL certificate to the Server and Binding of SSL certificate to IIS Website 125
2018-01-20 How to generate CSR in Windows Server for SSL Certificate 89
2018-01-20 Filter SQL Data using Fluent NHibernate 84
2018-01-09 Step by Step procedure to Deploy Web API in IIS 250
2018-01-09 How to enable withCredentials to flag on XMLHttpRequest in AngularJS for “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” 161
2017-12-05 Upload Multiple Attachments to SharePoint List using Angular 308
2017-12-04 Remove Attachments on SharePoint List Item using Angular 217
2017-12-01 How to use SharePoint ‘Working on it’ modal dialog 378
2017-11-30 Save, Update and Get data from SQL using Fluent NHibernate 305
2017-11-29 Handling Parent Child SQL Table relation using Fluent NHibernate 224
2017-11-27 Configuration of Fluent NHibernate through C# code 267
2017-10-11 Get all attachments from SharePoint List Item using AngularJS 939
2017-10-10 How to handle multiple file selection and validation on input file type using AngularJS 1206
2017-10-09 Angular Form Validation using ng-form 530
2017-10-06 Create, Save or Update Database Table using NHibernate - C# programmatically 613
2017-09-15 Configuration of NHibernate through app.config file 539
2017-09-11 How to do SQL Bulk Update using C# programmatically 583
2017-09-11 How to check Database Table already exists in SQL DB and How to create new Database Table using C# programmatically 429
2017-08-14 How to Manually Install/uninstall Windows Services 521
2017-08-09 How to debug Windows Service Source Code without Installing 571
2017-08-05 How to debug Windows Service after Installation of Service 498
2017-06-24 Architecture and Components of SharePoint 2013 Search 677
2017-06-24 Keyword Query Language (KQL) in SharePoint 2013 Search 859
2017-06-24 Update My Site User Profile Picture of another User using Visual Studio Sequential Workflow in SharePoint 2010 375
2017-04-23 Update 'My Site' User Profile Picture of any User using SSOM in SharePoint 1265
2017-04-23 Beginners Guide : Crawled and Managed Properties in SharePoint 2013 Search 953
2017-04-23 Beginners Guide : Introduction to SharePoint Search 609
2017-03-05 Technical Aspects of Nintex Workflow Designer for SharePoint 725
2017-03-05 An Overview of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (Beginner) 903
2017-03-02 An Introduction To Basics Of TypeScript 771
2017-02-04 Grant Access to ‘SharePoint Group’ on Item Level Permission using Client Side Scripting (JSOM) in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 1535
2017-02-04 How to perform CRUD Operation on SharePoint Library Folders and Sub Folders using SPServices and JavaScript 1920
2017-02-04 How to Break Inherit Permission and Grant Access to Specific User’s on SharePoint List/Library Items or Folders (Multiple) using SPServices and JavaScript 1482
2017-02-04 How to Get all the SharePoint Choice Columns to Update Choice Options using JavaScript (Client Side Object Model) without going to List Settings 2292
2017-01-14 How to Open SharePoint List Hyperlink Column in Modal Popup Window 4907
2017-01-10 How to Configure PerformancePoint Services to use Secure Store in SharePoint 2013 1851
2017-01-10 Configuration of Performance Point Services in SharePoint 2013 1911
2017-01-02 PowerPivot Service Application Error Handling in SharePoint 2013 1430
2017-01-02 Configuration Steps of PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 1412
2017-01-02 How to add SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot to the Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 1250
2017-01-02 Installation of SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 1528
2016-12-27 Steps to Configure Excel Services With Secure Store Target Application and SQL Database Service Account In SharePoint 2013 1433
2016-12-23 How to Create a New Target Application in Secure Store Service - SharePoint 2013 1907
2016-11-21 Configure Windows Firewall for SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) 2464
2016-11-20 How to Deploy Multidimensional Data Cube using Visual Studio Business Intelligence Settings 2396
2016-11-18 How to Attach Database and Grant Access to SSAS Service Account in SQL Server 2012 2536
2016-11-18 Installation of SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) – SQL Server 2012 1968
2016-11-18 How to Create and Grant DB access to Excel Service app and overpower Office Web Apps (OWA) in SharePoint 2013 2045
2016-10-12 How to Create Business Intelligence Center (BI Center) Site in SharePoint 2013 3305
2016-10-11 How to Configure Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2013 and Generate Secure Store Key 3269
2016-10-11 How to Create Custom Service in AngularJS for CRUD Operations on SharePoint List 6099
2016-10-10 How to Use Angular HTTP Services in SharePoint List 6158
2016-10-10 How to Get All Items from SharePoint List and Display it in Custom HTML table with Sorting using AngularJS 8021
2016-09-05 How to Change the Select Element Dropdown Arrow Direction using simple CSS 3721
2016-09-05 Basics of AngularJS in SharePoint 9523
2016-08-28 How to Insert Google Charts Image into PDF using iTextSharp in SharePoint 5089
2016-08-28 How to Dynamically Include ASP.NET Controls into Modal Popup in your SharePoint Server Side Code 3134
2016-08-20 Google Charts in SharePoint 5446
2016-08-20 Generate PDF report using iTextSharp (.NET PDF library) in SharePoint Environment 4702
2016-08-13 Deep Dive into SharePoint 2013 and JavaScript – Part 3 4196
2016-08-13 Deep Dive into SharePoint 2013 and JavaScript – Part 2 4401
2016-08-12 Deep Dive into SharePoint 2013 and JavaScript – Part 1 4625
2016-07-05 Retrieving Various Field Types in SharePoint Custom Form using jQuery and SPServices 11120
2016-06-27 How to Get the Current Date in SharePoint Calculated Column 17559
2016-06-20 How to Attach Multiple Files into SharePoint List Item Using SPServices and Also Validating on File Size and Format 10862
2016-06-20 SharePoint User Account and AD (Active Directory) Group Migration using PowerShell script in SharePoint 2010 7721
2016-06-07 CRUD Operation on various field Types in SharePoint List using SPServices – SharePoint 2013 6471